Thursday, 30 January 2014

Best Served Cold- The Rise, Fall and Rise again of Malcolm Walker

Best Served Cold- The Rise, Fall and Rise again of Malcolm Walker. is one of the latest books I've managed to get my hands on recently, and so far, its been a delight!!

This book is another recommendation from yours truly, especially when you have an interesting in business as a whole. This book goes through the dramatic story of an entrepreneur, the owner of Iceland- Malcolm Walker, who went from CEO- to selling half of his shares, and coming back just before Iceland fell of the retail ladder to revive the store and bring it back as one of the retail giants at the top in the UK.

Whether you want motivation to get out their and to become an entrepreneur, or just want a good read, id recommend this book to anybody!!

ALSO the books proceeds all go towards Alzheimers Research UK!

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Friday, 17 January 2014

Advertisement of the Week: Old Spice goes British

After yet another delayed post because of work experience and generally relaxing over the christmas period, my blogging brain is back on!

To kick things off, my advert of the week looks at several different viral ad's created by the well known manly man product "Old Spice." I first noticed these videos on the Old Spice facebook, and watched what i think to be all of them after the first caught my eye.

As you can see in the videos below, Old Spice have used regional stereotypes from Great Britain for their "#GentlemanHuntCampain",after it being successful in the USA, and personally I think it works!!

Check out the #GentlemanHunt videos below, and let me know which one you enjoyed the most!!!



Monday, 13 January 2014

The new rules to Marketing and PR

The new rules to marketing and PR, by David Meerman, is one of the main reasons why this blog was started.
Meermans book focus' on the new ways in which marketing and PR is conducted in the 21st Century, and after already writing 3 previous editions of this book, it is clearly up to date with today's fast paced marketing world.

The new rules of Marketing and PR focus' a lot upon blogging, not just personal blogging, but corporate blogging. Blogs allow companies to keep track of their company in the online world, whether it be someone slating the company for no means necessary, or problems developing with their products without them knowing about it. But by having a blog, having an online presence allows business, whether they be tech savvy or not, too keep up to date with any issues out their, as well as see the positive feedback from customers.

Merman goes on to talk about why it is so easy for companies to create a blog, yet so many still avoid it, because of the misconception off a blog being "for personal use" which is definitely not just the case. Being part of the blogosphere opens so many new opportunities for business, yes some may benefit from others, but creating a low cost, professional blog can save a company from evident crisis', allow them too receive feedback and comments from customers and deal with it accordingly.
This is a must read for any marketing/PR students, I would highly recommend it, whether you read it for your studies or for leisure, you will definitely gain a lot from the content of this book.

I don't want to spoil your read, but there is so much more vital information in this book which will help you both develop your marketing knowledge as well as gain more of an understanding into the digital concepts we face today.
So go out, and buy it!!

Available at many book stores, also available online: